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How We Formed

Background Information and Board Members

History of Pine Lake Property Owners Association

In the fall of 1960 the PLPOA was established. The purpose for creating an association, eligible to residents and owners of property on Pine Lake, was to:

  1. Maintain a high property value and to limit expansion of commercial enterprises by maintaining the present zoning laws and restrictions.

  2. Oversee that undeveloped acreage contiguous with Pine Lake complies with present zoning laws restricting them to private residential use.

  3. Develop ample fire and police protection for the protection of the Pine Lake residents.

  4. Work with government agencies to control boating for the health and safety of all.

  5. Develop an arrangement with boat liveries to control hours and refuse into the lake.

  6. Develop public relations with the township to improve police powers for
    maintaining and protection public health and safety.

As early as 1962, the PLPOA began monitoring local property development by working with the township regarding ordinance violations, establishing a water safety program, and originating a lake weed control program. Through the years the board has continued these activities and expanded them to include water quality.

The PLPOA Annual Meeting is held during the first week in May at the Pine Lake Country Club. The Board of Directors meets on the second Monday at seven months each year, at the direction of the Board.

About the PLPOA

PLPOA Officers and Board Committee Assignments as of May 2016-May 2017

Chris Viegas // President Lake Quality Committee and Lake Level, Chair
Heath Williams // Treasurer and Acquatic Vegetation Control
Lucy Young and Gwen Schultz // Co-Secretaries /
Kevin Tourneur// Vice President / Lake Quality Committee
John Hartwig // Director/Lake Quality Committee and Legal Counsel to the Board /
Tara Clavenna // Director / Spring Goose Egg and Nest Removal Committee
Bill Packer // Director / Boat Safety Committee member
Lucy Henney // Director /Director/ Spring Goose Egg and Nest Removal Chair
Janine Kateff// Director / Communication and Facebook Page Coordinator
Gwen Schultz// Director / Communications and Co-Secretary
Stacy Sullivan // Director / Boat Safety Committee member
Lucy Young // Director / Co-Secretary