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Herbicide Treatment & Lake Weed Control

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HISTORY - Today, Pine Lake lakefront owners have begun to use weed killer only on their lawns and have made efforts to eliminate the use of fertilizers. This will help the lake. PLPOA asks all lakefront owners NOT to use Fertilizer because it runs into the lake and feeds the invasive lake weeds. The weed control program began informally in 1962 with the use of herbicides to control weed growth. In 1973 the Ecology Committee concluded that "the herbicide solution to the weed problem has not produced anticipated results; in fact, the Ecology study has evidence that damage has been done to the lake balance and may have increased the weed nuisance problem." The harvesting of weeds, cutting weeds 5 feet below the surface and removing them from the lake began in June 1973 and five hundred tons of weeds and organic material were removed from the lake in the first year of the program.
TODAY - In 2016, PLPOA's limnologist, Dr. Jude of Freshwater Physicians, Inc., advised the infestation of the invasive weed species, Eurasian Milfoil, is continuing to impact the health of Pine Lake. After careful study and evaluation the board completed a 3 year treatment program and authorized a 5 year continued herbicide program to eradicate the Eurasian Milfoil. Owner consents were obtained and an application was filed by SAVIN Lake and Pond, PLPOA's experienced contractor. The herbicide is helping. A new expert Dr. Pullman of Aquest, LLC is mapping the weeds in Pine Lake, and preparing a report which will help guide the lake management of the invasive weeds. In 2017 it is anticipated that no weed cuts will be made, but continued herbicide will be used to treat the invasive Eurasian Milfoil in May and possibly September.

Weed Harvest

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